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Our flagship Community Outreach programme is our teenzone summercamp, which aims to foster community-integration among 32 young people (13-17yrs) from different cultures. Now in its’ 3rd year, this programme is run in partnership with CDETB’s separated children’s programme (unaccompanied refugees), Stoneybatter Youth Service (migrant & indigenous Irish young people) and Bradog Youth Service (indigenous Irish), and takes place weekly from May – September, culminating in a week-long summer camp. 

Through the Arts and collaborative workshops, we empower participants to have meaningful dialogues, appreciate the ideas of others, and find intersections between cultures. Throughout the programme, participating young people collaborate together to curate the teenzone for Dublinternational – a zone which reflects participants shared vision of a community which has belonging at its heart.

2018’s summer camp & workshop series is proudly supported by The Ireland Funds small grants programme.


The teenagers we work with, typically wouldn’t have previously had the opportunity to engage with the arts. Through this programme, we will take young people on an artistic journey, while teaching them a wide array of skills, including animation, videography, art installations, murals and graphic recording. Through using Arts as a catalyst for social change, we also build young people’s competencies and desires to foster an intercultural, north inner city Dublin, where all who live here, belong here.


Our teenagers collaborate together to design & deliver Dublinternationals’ Teenzone. Through this they learn key entrepreneurial skills including:

  • Developing & implementing a vision
  • Team work
  • Project management
  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Fundraising
  • Managing budgets


Central to this programme, is fostering integration between the young people themselves, many of whom haven’t previously engaged with people from other cultures. Through this programme we aim to:

  1. Create a safe space where participants can connect and build meaningful relationships
  2. Develop young people’s intercultural competencies
  3. Empower our teenagers to foster integration in their communities

Partner with BlueFire

We believe that we can shape our future. Together, we know that change is possible.
Support our courageous youth changemakers today!

This year we set two high-level fundraising goals. To increase our corporate sponsorship; and to partner with 147 Friends of BlueFire to donate €10 per month.

Why 147? Why €10?

It costs €1,469 per month to keep our doors open.

  • €75 internet & online services
  • €85 phone
  • €109 office rent
  • €200 petty cash (coffee’s at meetings, volunteer expenses etc)
  • €1,000 salary paid to our CEO (who works full time)

Some of our current funding, such as corporate sponsorship or festival grants, has to also cover these overheads* and takes away from our ability to use that money to directly benefit the community. Our goal is that by the end of 2018, we will have partnered with 147 people who believe in our vision and want to donate the cost of a cuppa per week, so that we can increase our sustainability. This will cover all our overheads & operational costs, so that we can give 100% of our time, energy and funds to serving the people of Dublin.

Your contribution ensures that every penny we raise beyond our 147 Friends of BlueFire, goes directly into running our programmes in the community. 

We, the young people of Dublin, are committed to affecting long term social change. Will you join us by contributing €10 per month?

*Some of our grants are restricted funds, that must be spent on specific costs. In these cases, grants are only used as outlined in the grant agreement. In all cases, funders receive a detailed report with how their money was used.