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BlueFire Fellowship

The BlueFire Fellowship is a social leadership, action based, learning programme for 18 – 30 year olds; providing an opportunity for young adults to unleash their leadership and changemaker ability.

Throughout this 9 month programme, participants will collaborate together to develop upon existing skills & build new ones; increase awareness of global and local challenges; explore their role as social innovators; and become meaningful changemakers.

Participants gain practical hands on experience at effecting change through firstly, delivering BlueFire’s service in the community, before moving on to designing and implementing their own social change project. By bringing together training with practical implementation, BlueFire Fellows gain real life tools to positively shape their communities and realise the true depths of their capacity. 

The BlueFire Fellowship empowers participants to develop valuable and transferable skills which they can take back to their local context – to their communities, homes, universities and work environments. Our aim is to provide a space where personal and professional growth can be facilitated, directed and collectively achieved; where learning, sharing, connecting and expanding are at the core of how the programme is approached.

The BlueFire Fellowship has been made possible thanks to the Community Foundation for Ireland.

Interested in becoming a fellow? Learn more below, and make sure to apply before 1st April 2018 at 11.59pm.

How does the programme work?

For the first five months of the programme, fellows form teams (Community Collaboration, Dublinternational Festival Team, Marketing, or Business Development). These teams are fully responsible for delivering BlueFire’s 2018 services & programmes, gaining meaningful hands on experience at affecting change at a local and city-wide level. During these five months, each team will work with a team leader at BlueFire as well as collaborate with external mentors to support you during this innovative action based learning programme. To learn more about the teams you can join, click here

After these five months, you will then move on to create your own project. Mentorship and training will continue during this phase of the programme, to support you as you grow your capacity to affect meaningful change in the community.

Once a month, for the full 9 months, all fellows gather for workshops, training & reflection. On this day, each team learns from each other; expert trainers provide core skills such as strategic planning, HR and marketing, which fellows then directly apply to the programme/project they are delivering in the community; and through workshops, which allow all involved access their inner strength & wisdom, fellows build their capacity to unleash their full potential to be a changemaker.

Programme Timeline

Why Participate

By the end of the programme you will have built key leadership, entrepreneurial and changemaking skills, giving you the capacity to affect change in a wide array of settings, including starting your own social enterprise. You will also:

  • Have run your own project, from concept to implementation, with the option to continue the project beyond the programme independently or in partnership with BlueFire
  • Be part of our lifelong community of people passionate about cultural integration, with access to our network of mentors, advisers, business leaders and social innovators
  • Unleash your full changemaker potential through the hands on experience of delivering BlueFire’s programmes, establishing & delivering your own project, participating in our workshops & training and reflecting and learning with and from your fellow fellows. 
  • Develop intercultural competencies
  • Make a meaningful impact in the community, in the area of ethnic & cultural integration and youth empowerment

Other perks of the programme include:

  • Training & mentorship opportunities to broaden and develop your skills
  • Collaborating with a diverse team, where your ideas become reality
  • Connecting & networking with people from the community & arts sector
  • Certification
  • Social nights out & regular meetups

Through this programme, BlueFire also aims to:

  • Create a microcosm of ‘the Dublin we envision’ within the programme community  
  • Measure & promote the impact fellows make in the community so that society can see and value the depth of our generations capacity  

Time commitment:

  1. Attending our monthly all-day gathering (last Sunday of every month).
  2. Attending 1 team meetings per month (to discuss the project you will be part of).
  3. 4 hours per week to deliver BlueFire’s programmes (first 5 months of programme) and work on the project you have created (last 4 months of programme). Your role & responsibilities within your team are decided based on your learning goals set out at the start of the programme.

The BlueFire Fellowship will be launched on Sunday 15th April, and runs through to February 2019 (with one month off from Dec 15th – Jan 15th).

This programme is for you if you are:

  • Passionate about cultural integration, youth work and/or shaping communities
  • A team player excited to collaborate radically
  • Eager to make a positive impact in your community
  • Want to acquire intercultural competencies and new transferable skills
  • Committed to building your leadership capacity
  • Excited to jump into the deep end, and get out of your comfort zone in order to learn and grow as an individual

Deadline to Apply:

Sunday 1st April, at 11.59pm.

How to apply:

Ready to be a changemaker? Start your application today!

If you have any questions or queries regarding the BlueFire Fellowship, please contact us below

Partner with BlueFire

We believe that we can shape our future. Together, we know that change is possible.
Support our courageous youth changemakers today!

This year we set two high-level fundraising goals. To increase our corporate sponsorship; and to partner with 147 Friends of BlueFire to donate €10 per month.

Why 147? Why €10?

It costs €1,469 per month to keep our doors open.

  • €75 internet & online services
  • €85 phone
  • €109 office rent
  • €200 petty cash (coffee’s at meetings, volunteer expenses etc)
  • €1,000 salary paid to our CEO (who works full time)

Some of our current funding, such as corporate sponsorship or festival grants, has to also cover these overheads* and takes away from our ability to use that money to directly benefit the community. Our goal is that by the end of 2018, we will have partnered with 147 people who believe in our vision and want to donate the cost of a cuppa per week, so that we can increase our sustainability. This will cover all our overheads & operational costs, so that we can give 100% of our time, energy and funds to serving the people of Dublin.

Your contribution ensures that every penny we raise beyond our 147 Friends of BlueFire, goes directly into running our programmes in the community. 

We, the young people of Dublin, are committed to affecting long term social change. Will you join us by contributing €10 per month?

*Some of our grants are restricted funds, that must be spent on specific costs. In these cases, grants are only used as outlined in the grant agreement. In all cases, funders receive a detailed report with how their money was used.