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Fellowship Teams

We’ve 4 teams you can join. Each very different, but all will stretch you out of your comfort zone, providing meaningful hands on experience. For all teams, you and your team mates will have full autonomy & responsibility for delivering (with support when needed), giving you real, hands on experience at running your own project. 

Have a read, pick up to two teams you’d like to join, and start your application today!

Dublinternational Festival Team

The team is built of people with diverse experiences and it will be your role to bring 2018’s festival to life by managing the event planning, artist bookings, community engagement, decoration, marketing, and production. We have various opportunities available on our festival team, where you’ll get to really take ownership over the work that’s relevant for you. This is an exciting opportunity to be a key decision maker in developing this World Cultures Festival and creating a space for people from all cultures to meet, learn and celebrate diversity.


  1. Overall Festival Coordination and Management
  • Developing the overall plans
  • Production oversight
  • Selecting the visual design of the festival (decor/layout/art installations etc)
  • Supporting fundraising efforts
  1. Festival Activity Programming
  • Creating ambitious arts programming, while also ensuring we’re engaging artists/groups from the migrant community.
  • Choosing the different zones to be present at the festival whilst ensuring cohesion between the various  zones
  • Planning the style and programme of the different zones
  • Brainstorming new ideas for the festival & create collaborations between art forms and cultures
  1. Community Engagement & Partnerships
  • Working alongside our community collaboration team:
  • Exploring new ways to engage different communities and cultures in the festival
  • Building partnerships with community groups, artists, locals etc.
  • Connect with relevant embassies and community groups
  • Coordinate our decor workshops for the festival with community groups
  1. PR & Marketing
  • Work alongside our marketing team:
  • Devising PR & Marketing Strategy
  • Engaging media, doing press interviews etc.

Experience & Skills Set Required:

Strong motivation, leadership skills and enthusiasm is key. While specific experience is not mandatory, applicants with the following experience will be best placed in this team:

  • Visual Arts
  • Arts Curator
  • Youth and Community work
  • PR & Marketing
  • Festival Director or experience on the core team of a festival
  • Integration/Interculturalism
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Fundraising/Corporate Engagement experience

Community Collaboration Team

Our community collaboration team work towards enhancing BlueFire’s outreach to migrant & irish communities in Dublin through our three ongoing community projects.

  1. Summercamp: A six month programme for teenagers from North Inner-City Dublin, empowering them to develop their own zone for Dublinternational and gain a first hand experience at creative arts and coordination of activities.
  2. Igniting Change: A quarterly audience-participatory talk series that bring together people from all walks of life to discuss the hot topics in society. Each event includes 5 short talks, a panel discussion and a world cafe.
  3. Digital photography training: A hands-on learning programme for young asylum seekers & young people at risk.

Community collaboration team will also be in charge of keeping BlueFire’s community tightly knit by organising our drinks night’s out!


  • Workshop development & delivery
  • Collaborating with local youth organisations & stakeholders to co-create workshops
  • Managing the overall delivery of these programmes, including ongoing monitoring, reflection, and development
  • Booking speakers/facilitators/community groups for events & workshops
  • Managing relationships with partner organisations, and developing new relationships with potential partner organisations
  • Assist managers during events, setting up rooms/take down, greeting attendees etc.
  • Developing & implementing marketing plan for the events

Experience & Skills Set Required:

  • Experience in the arts or facilitation experience a bonus
  • Passion for working with and for young people
  • Event planning & project management
  • Creative & innovative
  • Capacity to maximise resources and work with limited budget
  • Financial management & budgeting

Marketing Team

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter addict?! Love marketing in all its forms? The marketing team will be in charge of marketing and promoting our events, volunteer opportunities and programmes; alongside growing BlueFire’s brand awareness. The marketing team will also be responsible for the full marketing for Dublinternational.


  • Developing a marketing & PR strategy
  • Communicating with target audiences and managing customer relationships
  • Promoting BlueFire through press releases and on TV/Radio
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Content management
  • SEO (search engine optimization) and generation of inbound online traffic
  • Managing the production and distribution of marketing materials
  • Gaining in-kind marketing support, such as free online advertising/radio ads

Experience & Skills Set Required:

  • 1-year PR & marketing experience, with social media experience a bonus.
  • Ability to work both in a team & on your own initiative
  • Project planning
  • Creative, with ability to work on low budgets
  • Desire to get involved in all levels of marketing – from sending direct invite emails to local youth organisations, to planning paid radio campaigns

Business Development Team

The demand on our service is rapidly increasing; and as such we’re launching our Business Development Strategy to increase both financial and in-kind support in order to meet the increasing needs within our community. By joining our team you’ll be working to develop innovative approaches to raise funds/in-kind support, including running events; gaining monthly donors; applying for grants and exploring ways in which we can grow our sales/revenue (social enterprise model). Area’s will include: corporate sponsorships & CSR, Philanthropy, Community fundraising, government funding, local authority and grants.


  • Develop & execute strategy, including supporting marketing team to grow our public image
  • Search for opportunities – upcoming grants, opportunities within our networks, meetings with people of influence etc
  • Develop & implement monthly donors programme
  • Complete grant applications
  • Stewardship: Maintain & build upon relationships with existing donors and ensure quality communication with all stakeholders (regular e-updates, coffee’s, invites to BlueFire events)
  • Utilize & expand our networks
  • Create and execute fundraising events

Experience & Skills Set Required:

  • PR & Marketing
  • Ability to work both in a team & on your own initiative
  • Project planning
  • Creative & innovative, with ability to work on low budgets
  • Strong networking skills
  • Previous events or fundraising experience a bonus