For the three months leading up to BlueFire Street Fest we worked with people from all backgrounds in Inner City Dublin at our Art Installation & Decor workshops, taking place every Saturday and Sunday in Bradog Youth Centre.

Attendees ranged in age, race, nationality and socioeconomic background, and were a mix of professional and amateur artists, local people, and new migrants looking for a shared creative space. They painted, knitting, weaved, created art installations and more to transform Smithfield Square into a colourful space for all to enjoy at BlueFire Street Fest 2017.

We also worked with artists at L9 collective who made beautiful art installations for all the gas lamp posts in Smithfield.

As part of this three-month project we engaged with specific community groups such as young people from Stoneybatter Youth Services who handcrafted and sewed colourful bunting for our zone signage and participants from WALK, a social enterprise which aims to empower people with intellectual disabilities to live free and autonomous lives. Their members created a beautiful world map which was displayed on an 8×8 foot wall on the festival day.

This project is one of our proudest as it broke down barriers between cultures, connected local people with the arts, connected artists and local people, provided a space for participants to feel a part of their local community, and offered a safe space for [everyone, but in particular] new migrants who had only recently arrived in the country, and often with limited English, to meet new people.