Centre for Creative Practices brings ‘New Voices of Ireland’ to BlueFire Street Fest ’17

Final details announced for the New Voices of Ireland Zone, by CFCP

We first met Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP), a multidisciplinary and intercultural arts organisation, back in 2013 before the very first BlueFire Street Fest. Five years on, as we mark our 5th edition, the opportunity to collaborate has unfolded, with CFCP bringing the ‘New Voices Series’ to BlueFire Street Fest 2017!

The aim of the New Voices Series is to connect migrant, experimental and emerging artists representing diverse communities and social groups, and to make them an active voice in social debates through collaborative, intercultural and participatory creative practices.

The New Voices Series has also been running for five years now as the intercultural and collaborative flagship event by the Centre for Creative Practices. It’s supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, and in 2012 was awarded the Arthur Guinness Prize.

The New Voices of Ireland zone at #BlueFire17 Street Fest has been curated by Monika Sapielak and will feature:

  • El Putnam (USA/Dublin) – a multidisciplinary performer, visual artist and philosopher will present an installation/interactive performance focused on connotations on Blood and Soil, “to undermine the assumption of a national cultural myth of origin”.

  • Eleonor Lawler (Dublin/UK) – a textile artist and performer will investigate a history woven by and through its people. She will involve the audience in a happening, including holding and presenting different fabric pieces. “I would like to investigate the inherent narrative qualities of textiles, whether they are of familiar heritage or a seeming convenience. Many textile skills are inherited or inculcated, sharing them is powerful.”

  • Mark Lawlor (UK/Dublin) – a visual artist and author will present his project “Traffic” featuring 1,300 pairs of shoes made of cardboard and maps. The audience can get involved in making these cardboard shoes and walking in them.

  • Mirjana Reneduzic (Croatia/Dublin) – a drama facilitator; will present a performative bilingual piece reflecting the perspective of a migrant artist.

  • Olga Dziubak (Poland/Northern Ireland) – visual, socially engaged installation artist will present an audio-visual installation about “How love overcomes borders” based on interactive acts with audiences and preparatory work with migrant communities.

  • Kiera O’Toole (Ireland/Australia) – a visual artist and performer, will present an interactive, happening on the topic insider/outsider in which she investigates migration as a universal and shared experience.

  • Csilla Toldy, (Hungary/Northern Ireland) – a bilingual poet will engage audiences in the Erasure technique for creating poetry. Csilla will also perform her own work.

About CFCP

Centre for Creative Practices (CFCP), founded in 2009, is a multidisciplinary and intercultural arts organisation dedicated to integrating, promoting and mentoring migrant, experimental and emerging artists through its participatory and socially engaged programmes.  CFCP is also a leading provider of entrepreneurial education for Creative Freelancers, SMEs and Cultural Organisations.

To learn more about their work, visit http://cfcp.ie/.


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