BlueFire is a youth-driven social enterprise creating innovative solutions to fostering integration in society. ​​

Here at BlueFire, we’re all under 30* and proud to be fostering an inclusive environment in Dublin; inhabiting our organisations core belief that young people aren’t just leaders of tomorrow, we’re also leaders of today.

Our flagship event is Dublinternational Street Fest, a world cultures arts festival that draws on the breath of Dublin’s diversity. 2017’s festival was an incredible success, as we celebrated our 5th edition with the launch of our After Hours series, and we’re looking forward to welcoming 10,000+ people to 2018’s festival on September 15th when we’ll be expanding the festival to Dublin’s infamous fruit markets in North-West Inner City Dublin.

Our quarterly Igniting Change series explores the issues that matter most to the communities we work for. Igniting Change is an informative, insightful & compelling interactive discussion for anyone interested in the local community, be it through the topics of youth outreach, migrant integration, social innovation, arts and culture, or the festival industry.

​We’re also delighted to be launching our Fellowship Programme this March, a 9 month social leadership action based learning programme building young adults leadership capacity and empowering them to become meaningful changemakers. Want to become the first cohort of fellows? Applications are now open!

But that’s not all! One of our favourite things about our generation, is we love to do A LOT! Central to our work is Community Collaboration, and every year we run a number of projects that empower teenagers in our community and provide an opportunity for young people from different cultures to meet and connect.

Among these projects is:

  • Teenzone Summercamps, 6 months of weekly workshops, and one week-long summercamp bringing together teenagers from different cultures to develop Dublinternationals Teenzone.
  • Digital Photography, a 4-month Digital Photography workshop for asylum seekers and at-risk young people, culminating in an exhibition on a topic of their choosing.

We also run a number of projects and foster collaborations for all ages! Are we not a youth organisation? Not exactly! We’re a community of youth changemakers between 13 – 30 that are working hard towards achieving our vision – A vibrant city embracing intercultural community. This can only be achieved when all generations are part of our community. We believe in youth leadership, and as leaders, we believe in including all people, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, disability, sexual orientation, gender, religion.

​Want to get involved? We are currently looking for some fresh faces to add to our team as part of our annual volunteer drive!  Click here to learn more.

*+/- cause after all, youth is a frame of mind! Our CEO and, 7 out of 8 of our managers, are under 30.

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As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.